What you can do

As an individual, you can help raise awareness of this $35M ocean. We suggest you might:

Join our facebook group and sharing with your friends. (click here)
The more people that join this group the greater the pressure on council!

Share our website with your networks (www.swamp.org.au)
Contact us and join our team of volunteers admin@swamp.org.au

Become a volunteer:
We are all volunteers who are local residents or business owners. If you are an expert in research, large pipeline construction, water recycling solutions, writing, event management, media engagement, creative design, website design, video/flim making & editing, and willing to support us, please contact us at admin@swamp.org.au

Funding support
Fighting with the council for a $35M project is not an easy task. In particularly deal with the BVSC who has a proven record of ignoring the community opinions. We currently rely on our voluntary members’ own time and money in contact meetings, establish and manage the website, running social media campaigns, invite experts to visit Merimbula for the consultation of the ocean outfall alternatives. We don’t accept funding support from corporate so to ensure we stand on a neutral position for any alternate ocean outfall solutions. Nevertheless, we welcome any individual support. Please contact admin@swamp.org.au

Send an email to following public servants:
Cr Sharon Tapscott, Mayor of Bega Valley Shire Council, via email to council@begavalley.nsw.gov.au

The Hon. Andrew Constance, MP, Member for Bega, via email to bega@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Kristy McBain, Member for Eden-Monaro (Australian Labor Party). via email to: Kristy.McBain.MP@aph.gov.au

Sample letter:

Dear …………..

As a local ratepayer and resident, I was very concerned to hear the reports regarding the approval by BVSC of an ocean outfall into Merimbula Bay.

I am extremely disappointed that the council, in this time of climate change, causing severe drought conditions and rampant bushfires, is planning to pump potentially reusable water into the ocean at a great expense to the ratepayers and residents of the Bega Valley Shire.

I also understand that rigorous research into alternative options and costings have not been conducted by the council, even though alternative options have been proposed.

I also understand, that offers of assistance from other councils, who have implemented recyclable water schemes within their localities, have not been accepted.

We vote for our council because we trust them to put the shire’s best interests first and foremost. This does not appear to be happening. This is very disappointing.

We are aware that you have been working on this proposal for the past 10 years, but in that time there have been many changes to the environment and you as a council have even declared a Climate Change Emergency!

It is your responsibility to use the best practices available at the present time, and if this means taking a new direction regarding our wastewater, for the betterment of our pristine environment, the cattle farmers, the oyster farmers and the community as a whole, then that is the direction you must take!

Water pollution and water shortages are being faced by many communities and we should be taking steps to ensure this does not happen within this community! We must continue to adopt forward-thinking practices and lead the way in innovative recycling practices, which we have already done with landfill waste via FOGO which is a great initiative! It shouldn’t stop there though!

We have formed a group whose members have been conducting extensive research into alternative options.

We have been having discussions with university professors, two other councils in NSW & VIC who have adopted water recycling, three nationwide water organisations, and two private water-related construction companies (including an overseas company), and have identified practical ocean outfall alternatives which take into consideration:

  • environmental protection
  • cost-effectiveness
  • construction challenges and the overflow in the wet season
  • Provision of water for fighting bushfires
  • Provision of water reserves for our farming community within the Bega Valley during times of drought.

The council not only has a responsibility but an obligation to investigate all options before making uninformed decisions based on prior research,  which could ruin our pristine environment; our local fishing industry, including abalone and oysters; and our tourism industry.

We have the support of local residents and businesses, and prominent nationwide organisations, to help us fight this poor decision and the direction that has been taken by you, our council.


(Your name)